We were about to make air tickets for the month of March when suddenly the world quarantine blocked us and the “lockdown” kept us at home in total frustration and helplessness. We did not give up and tried to participate in the CEI financing project for COVID. By forming a group of our remote participants, working as a team, we were able to put together this project which, unfortunately, did not have the recognition – albeit very interesting – not having, our association, the essential requirements (not having passed the three legal years from constitution to be an accepted and considered association). Once the funding was trashed, on 4 August we are involved and dismayed following the terrible explosion in Beirut and we take action immediately, with the scarce forces of August, in order to activate a dispatch of humanitarian parcels: drugs, medications, clothes and shoes as the first consignments. We immediately collide with the customs post. Our humanitarian parcels are stopped for about two months at the Beirut airport without passing through customs. We will soon find other supportive channels to get our contribution. We therefore identify the financing projects for our representatives in Lebanon: Father Fadi, to whom we send an initial sum destined for charitable interventions, and Father Marun, with whom we collaborate for the realization of a workshop to be held, later, in October and in which gifts and comforting sweets will be distributed to children and meat purchase vouchers to adults.project for the distribution of laying hens in the countryside and our shoe project by collecting second-hand winter shoes in Italy and distributing them to school children in Syrian refugee camps on containers in the Bekaa valley that we had observed, during our last mission – December 2019- , be devoid of it.

Finally another good result at the end of the year: ABIR . Following our report and the paperwork that lasted two long years, Abir, a Syrian widow we met in the EL Faur camp, at the beginning of our experiences in Lebanon, in 2016, and her three minor children manage to reach Italy. , with the first post Covid corridor of Sant’Egidio, in December 2020. After arriving at the airport, and following the fifteen-day quarantine, Abir and his children go to a residential center in Sant’Egidio, under their check. Sant’Egidio continues to follow them. At the moment the children are in school and are learning Italian. What struck me so much about this woman was her dignity and her beauty.